Springtime and Doris Day (4/12/14) - listen

John & Jessica celebrate spring, along with Doris Day’s 90th birthday! That brings to mind a quite a few songs.


After the Carlyle Ball (4/5/14) - listen

After two weeks at the Café Carlyle with Daniel Jobim and his other Brazillian friends, John plays a few more of his bossa nova favorites. And he does some segments saluting composers Johnny Mandel and Jerome Kern.


Broadway, Baseball and Bossa Nova (3/29/14) - listen

The title of this week’s episode reveals just three of the subjects that come up, both in conversation and in the music. And no wonder; John is doing his bossa nova show at the Carlyle, Jessica is rehearsing a Frank Loesser show, and the baseball season is beginning.


Jason Robert Brown (3/22/14) - listen

Theater composer Jason Robert Brown visits the deluxe living room and talks with John & Jessica about his new Broadway musical, “The Bridges of Madison County,” which stars Steven Pasquale and Kelli O’Hara. They also discuss some of Jason’s previous shows, including “The Last Five Years” and “Songs for a New World.”


The Blues and Beyond (3/15/14) - listen

Last week it was old and new; this week it’s something blue (and most of the blues were borrowed). Again, John & Jess liven up the living room, and the airwaves as well.


Somethings Old, Somethings New (3/8/14) - listen

John & Jessica spotlight new material (from several current, female vocalists) and some Broadway songs (from some favorite, classic musicals) and many songs in between. It’s all here on Radio Deluxe.


Post-Joni (3/1/14) - listen

Just after Jessica’s successful performance at Lincoln Center (with participation by John and Maddie), the Pizzarellis are still giddy with excitement. That leads to some fascinating stories and interesting song choices.


Oscar Season (2/22/14) - listen

It’s the week before the Academy Award presentations, so John & Jessica are thinking about favorite songs and scores from the movies.


Home from the Sea (2/15/14) listen

John & Jessica have returned from The Jazz Cruise and are reliving some of their musical adventures at sea.


In the Quiet Living Room 2/8/14) - listen

In the solitude of the deluxe living room, John is alone today with his musical double plays, rememberances, and new discoveries.


Shipping Out (2/1/14) - listen

As John & Jessica pack their sea bags for the Jazz Cruise, they get themselves in the mood with some traveling music.


The Party Part Two (1/24/14) - listen

John & Jessica with the whole family and a few friends got together at the Pizzarelli enclave in Saddle River at New Year’s. We heard a couple hours of the party three weeks ago, but there are still a couple more hours left. Let’s listen in.


January Fun (1/18/14) - listen

It’s another fun, living room record session, like so many John & Jessica have had before – only different. More music from the past, brought on by contemporaneous events.


The Year Begins Anew (1/11/14) - listen

A clean slate, an empty canvas, a fresh start – however you phrase it, John & Jessica like the idea of the new beginning that 2014 brings. On a cold day at the dawn of the year, our hosts play just the right music to express their feelings.


New Year’s Eve 2014 NYC (12/31/13) - Part 1 - listen | Part 2 - listen

John & Jessica and all the Pizzarellis are celebrating New Year’s Eve at family home in Saddle River, New Jersey. Bucky and Martin and friend Ed Laub join in on a few songs in the dining room, while gynecologist Dr. Adam Romoff plays the living room piano. There’s plenty of good music, good food, and good times on hand to ring in 2014 on this special four-hour program, broadcast on New Year’s Eve on New York’s public radio station, WNYC, and on their Internet station,


Deep in December (12/28/13) - listen

That time just before New Year’s, deep in December, it’s nice to remember …and talk about it …and play songs about it.


A Pizzarelli Family Christmas (12/21/13) - listen

John Pizzarelli and his wife Jessica Molaskey, their daughter Madeleine, and John’s sister Anne exchange presents and comments and listen to some of their (and hopefully your) favorite Christmas songs, before going over the river to Bucky & Ruth’s house.


Trimming the Tree (12/14/13) - listen

John & Maddie are making the deluxe living room even more deluxe as they trim the Cristmas tree. What a nice surprise for Jessica!


Maddie, Pinch Hitting (12/7/13) - listen

Jessica is making final preparations for “The Sound of Music Live!” and Maddie steps up to the plate. Here’s the wind-up and the pitch…


Thanksgiving and TV Movies (11/30/13) - listen

There are movies about the holidays and then there are the movies that we see at holiday time. Good, classic, family films start appearing on television around Thanksgiving weekend. And music plays a prominent role in most of them. Today John talks about – and listens to – some of his favorite movies.


The Great American Songwriters (11/23/13) - listen

John thinks of a great songwriter, a gang of great recordings immediately come to mind, he chooses a few, adds some swingin’ conversation, with no real preparation, and it’s done!


Theater Jazz (11/16/13) - listen

Jazz musicians love to play the great American standards, many of which originated in theater and movie productions. So this week, John & Jessica give us some beautiful examples of theater jazz.


Working Artists (11/9/13) - listen

When someone says to John, “Nobody’s making music like that anymore,” he sets them straight. Many contemporary artists are still performing and recording “music like that,” and this week John & Jessica present a few of their favorites.


Song Lists and List Songs (11/2/13) - listen

John plays songs off lists made by experts he trusts (Jonathan Schwartz, Ross Porter, and Bucky Pizzarelli). And while he’s almost on the subject, he also plays some examples of that musical form known as list songs (“You’re the Top,” “All of You,” “Friendship,” etc.).


Sneaky Jazz (10/26/13) - listen

Jessica is at a TV play rehearsal and John is calling all the songs. He sees this as an opportunity to sneak in some of his favorite jazz tracks, including several instrumentals. His tastes are excellent.


Brazil (10/19/13) - listen

John often shows his fondness for Brazillian music. And at least once a year, he dedicates an entire program to the genre, sharing with listeners with his excellent tastes and extensive knowledge of the music.


Sideman (10/12/13) - listen

Dave Bernhart, son of noted trombonist Milt Bernhart, talks about his late father and some of the landmark recordings he made. John also pays tribute to two music people we recently lost: record promoter Dick LaPalm and singer Frank D’Rone.


They Happen to Like New York (10/5/13) - listen

The summer touring is over, John & Jessica are back in New York, and they happen to like it!


The First Hint of Autumn (9/28/13) - listen

The pennant races are being decided, new shows are starting their runs on Broadway, and there’s a slight chill in the air at night. Together, they are sure signs of fall, hence the title of this episode, based on a song of the same name by John Pizzarelli.


New Jazz (9/21/13) - listen

As the program title indicates, John and Jessica turn the spotlight on some new jazz. But as always, the music in this program is not all jazz and it’s not all new. New releases, old favorites, jazz, pop, showtunes… It’s another typical day in the deluxe living room.


It’s September (9/14/13) - listen

It’s not officially autumn yet, but it’s officially September. John and Jessica are back in the city – summer vacation over – and they’re listening to songs that fit their September state of mind.


Goodbye, Summer (9/7/13) - listen

On the first full weekend of September, the Pizzarellis find themselves at the Deluxe Cabin. New York schools don’t open until Monday, so there’s time to take a final dip in the lake, a final hike on the trail, and of course play those sentimental songs about summer leaving and autumn coming on.


Lost Friends (8/31/13) - listen

In the past few weeks, we’ve lost several people related to the music business. Some were quite close to John & Jessica and the Radio Deluxe family. This week our hosts tribute to those lost friends, and also recap one of their most interesting summers ever. And as always, the stories are expressed musically and anecdotally.


Live From Toronto (8/24/13) - listen

As John & Jessica enjoy a brief August vacation, they have decided to replay a show, recorded last year before a live audience at Koerner Hall in Toronto. Joining our hosts are Toronto’s own Emile-Claire Barlow; Ross Porter, president of our Toronto affiliate, Jazz FM; Maddie Pizzarelli; and musicians Larry Fuller, Martin Pizzarelli, and Tony Tedesco


Not Far From the Tree (8/17/13) listen

Among other things, John & Jessica contemplate musical connections within families. As examples, they play recordings by father-daughter, mother-son, father-son, and husband-wife combinations. Plus they do their usual meaderings, which we always look forward to.


Arlen and Others (8/10/13) - listen

John’s been thinking about all the great Harold Arlen compositions and wants to play some of his favorite recordings of some of his favorites. He also quizzes Jessica in the category of “Singers Who Have Sung With George Shearing.” And then Jessica suggests the category “Good-Looking Boy Singers.” Add some random favorites and there’s something for everybody!


Deluxe Summer Concert Series (8/3/13) - listen

John & Jessica host their summer concert series. It requires a lot of traveling, through both time and distance, but it’s well worth it. Travel with them to catch the best performances, at the best places, at just the right times.


Summer Fun with Maddie (7/27/13) - listen

It’s Maddie and Daddy, together again! On a summer’s day, John and Maddie recap the events of the first half of summer, which inevitably leads to music – much of it summery.


Leftovers (7/20/13) - listen

John & Jessica often tell more good stories and select more good tracks than can fit in a two-hour show. The things that don’t fit are too good to throw out, so we put them in an air-tight container and place them in the deluxe refirgerator. Today we’ll bring out some of the best. Delicious!


Summer Doubles (7/13/13) - listen

It’s mid-July, John is all by himself (in fact, he plays a song about that), and he has several double-plays in mind, which he executes with his usual aplomb.


States of Romance (7/6/13) - listen

It’s the weekend immeditately following the Fourth of July, so John plans to play several songs about states. Meanwhile, Jessica is in a more romantic mood and has planned to play some songs of romance. The result is a show that John calls “States of Romance.” It’s romantic; it’s stately!


New Stuff Akimbo (6/29/13) - listen

You may wonder about this episode’s title and it’s hard to explain, other than to say that that’s the name John gave it. It features new stuff, sprinkled among some old, familiar favorites, with a fascinating commentary throughout.


Sammy Cahn Centennial (6/22/13) - listen

Great American lyricist Sammy Cahn was born June 18, 1913. John & Jessica celebrate his 100th anniversary with some songs and stories of Sammy, along with a few other things that come to mind.


Father’s Day with Bucky (6/15/13) - listen

It has become a Father’s Day tradition for John to pay homage to his father Bucky by replaying segments of Bucky on the program.


Feelin’ Smoochie (6/8/13) - listen

John & Jess are playing records in the deluxe living room, as they often do. There are new recordings, a new release recorded in 1962, and classics from Blossom, Billie, Dinah, Hoagy, Lester, and the two Louises (Armstrong and Prima). One by the latter inspires this week’s theme.


Double Play-Play-Plays (6/2/13) - listen

On Radio Deluxe, one record often leads to another one that’s similar. It may feature the same song or the same artist or even the same theme. Usually these doublets aren’t planned, but today John & Jessica purposely play some of their favorite “double play-play-plays.”


A Supreme Performance (5/25/13) - listen

It happened last week: John & Jessica and Barbara Cook performed for the U.S. Supreme Court justices. And the audience loved it (although they often can be quite judgemental). It all made for some good stories, which are shared with you in this episode of Radio Deluxe.


Sexy Songs (5/18/13) - listen

John and Jessica are alone in the deluxe living room, with the lights down low and the candles gleaming. Well, one thing leads to another, and pretty soon they’re playing their favorite romantic records for each other.


A Day in May (5/11/13) - listen

It’s a pleasant day in May (as most of them are) and John & Jessica are once again in the deluxe living room, with the sun streaming through the windows, listening to music as beautiful as the weather.


The Beatles (5/4/13) - listen

Jazz musicians like Beatles songs and, as it turns out, Paul McCartney liked John’s Beatles album. This week’s program features John and Paul (that’s Pizzarelli and McCartney), along with George, Wes, Larry, Rene and many other artists that you’ll enjoy.


Triple Doubles (4/27/13) - listen

Featured this week are a trio of double play-play-plays. John and Jessica play two songs by the very hip Jackie and Roy, two songs from “The Intimate Ella,” and two songs written by Richard Maltby and David Shire. And in between, Jessica talks about three shows she saw during the past week. It’s all here on Radio Deluxe!


Spring Cleaning (4/20/13) - listen

John & Jessica are going through their things and getting rid of stuff, all the while getting sidetracked by favorite CDs that they come across.


Eighty-Something (4/13/13) - listen

John & Jessica have recently been working with, and inspired by musicians who are in their 80’s. Annie Ross, Dave Frishberg, and Bucky Pizzarelli are still making beautiful music. And we get to sample some of it today, along with some other favorite songs, including the new, the obscure, and a few about baseball.


Birthday 53 (4/6/13) - listen

April 6th is John’s birthday; and this year he spends his 53rd birthday swapping songs and stories with Jessica. He wouldn’t have it any other way.


Entals (3/30/13) - listen

John & Jessica announced that they are playing songs that are both instrumental and metal, and sentimental, incidental; and they may even serve up some lentils. They can fit pretty much any song into this category.


Spring 2013 (3/23/13) - listen

Every year John & Jessica get excited about the arrival of spring, as so many songwriters have for a very long time. Our hosts’ fondness for the season is expressed in the songs they have chosen for this year’s first show of spring.


Post-Schwartz (3/16/13) - listen

The spirit of Jonathan Schwartz still lingered in the deluxe living room as John & Jessica sat down and drew upon their musical knowledge to create another perfect playlist.


Jonathan Schwartz (3/9/13) - listen

Well-known New York radio personality Jonathan Schwartz visits the deluxe living room, and the stories flow freely.


Slipped Disc (3/2/13) - listen

John entertains us with an assortment of his favorite records, one of which is Benny Goodman’s “Slipped Disc.” It’s a rather circuitous route to get there, but John narrates all along the way and back again.


Oscar Show 2013 (2/23/13) - listen

Movies and movie music is the subject of this program for Academy Awards time.


Snow Day (2/16/13) - listen

The streets of New York were covered with snow, schools had been cancelled; it was the perfect time for the family to share favorite music with each other and us.


Grammys 2013 (2/9/13) - listen

It’s Grammy Awards time and John & Jessica review the five nominees in their favorite category: Best Jazz Vocal Album. They’re all winners!


Verses (2/2/13) - listen

Can you name that tune, based solely on the verse? John & Jessica play songs with the verses attached. And they tip their collective hat to the city of chicago and our newest affiliate there: WDCB 90.9.


Let’s Go There Now (1/26/13) - listen

John travels through space and time today, without ever leaving his mind, as he presents to us some of the best concert performances ever caught on record.


Mercer and More (1/19/13) - listen

John and Jessica begin the program by playing some of their favorite songs by Johnny Mercer. And that leads to other favorites, by other songwriters and other performers. Ellington, Lunceford, and others end up sharing the spotlight, and it all sounds good.


Birthdays Galore (1/12/13) - listen

John celebrates January 9th, the birthday of Jessica Molaskey and Bucky Pizzarelli and the wedding anniversary of Bucky & Ruth Pizzarelli. And he does it sans the birthday girl. He does have his trusty guitar with him, however, which he puts to good use, accompanying himself of several deluxe solos.


New Years 2013 (1/5/13) - listen

John & Jessica spent a snowy New Year’s Eve at the deluxe cabin in front of the fireplace, with food, beverage, and their favorite music (both live and recorded). It was the perfect start to 2013.


Trading Sets (12/29/12) - listen

In a quiet time between Christmas and New Year’s, John & Jessica trade off listening each other’s sets of music. The sets have themes like “Porgy and Bess,” “Nat Cole,” and “Rosemary Clooney,” among others. And all, of course, are accompanied by light-hearted stories and conversation.


Christmas 2012 (12/22/12) - listen

The tree is decorated, the lights are twinkling, and the record player is spinning. It’s another Christmas in the deluxe apartment and, as usual, John & Jessica’s favorites music (holiday and other) is a big part of it.


Trimming the Tree 2012 (12/15/12) - listen

When Jessica’s away, John and Madeleine secretly put up the Christmas Tree while recording a renegade tree-trimming episode of Radio Deluxe. Won’t Jess be surprised?


December (12/8/12) - listen

Deep in December it’s nice to remember favorite songs and stories, which is what John & Jessica do so well always. While the Christmas decorations aren’t yet up in the deluxe living room, just a bit of holiday music is sprinkled over this week’s playlist.


Tanglewood 2011 (12/1/12) - listen

A rebroadcast of the program performed before a live audience at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival in August 2011, which was, unfortunately, the last year of that annual event. Sharing the stage with John & Jessica were singer Freddy Cole, clarinetist Ken Peplowski, and the John Pizzarelli Quartet, along with daughter Madeleine and television news commentator Budd Mishkin.


Thanksgiving Weekend 2012 (11/24/12) - listen

Another successful family feast is over and John & Jessica are enjoying the long weekend together. Their music consists of a few leftovers, as well as a few new treats.


Storm Show (11/17/12) - listen

First came Hurricane Sandy, and then a major snow storm. For a while, the storm that was the presidential election was overshadowed by the weather. In the midst of it all, John & Jessica were scheduled to open their run at the Café Carlyle and then make a sidetrip to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and back in one day. They somehow managed, and they tell us the stories, accompanied by just the right music (as you would expect).


Daytime for Nightclubbers (11/10/12) - listen

While John & Jessica perform every night at the Café Carlyle, during the daytime, they entertain each other with their impeccible tastes in recorded music. This week, their selections include sets of Leonard Cohen songs and campaign songs, along with a salute to Zoot Sims and some other surprises.


Leonard Maltin (11/3/12) - listen

America’s formost movie expert also has a lot of expertise in music. Leonard Maltin visits John & Jessica and brings along some of his favorite and rare recordings.


Tanglewood Twenty-Ten Again - listen

This week’s show comes from the stage at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival in Lennox, Massachusetts, and features the John Pizzarelli Quartet, Jessica Molaskey, and special guests Jane Monheit, Bucky Pizzarelli, and Madeleine Pizzarelli. It’s Labor Day weekend 2010 and you are there.


October News (10/20/12) - listen

The month of October brings new releases, birthdays, and remembrances.


Maureen McGovern (10/13/12) - listen

Singer Maureen McGovern comes calling to the deluxe living room.


That Comfortable Routine (10/6/12) - listen

Summer’s over and the Carlyle run has yet to begin. During this in-between time, John & Jessica fall back into their comfortable routine: talking, laughing, and playing favorite records for one another. It’s another relaxing day in the deluxe living room.


Brazil (9/29/12) - listen

Before John left on his two-week performance tour of Brazil, he and Jessica recorded a program celebrating Brazilian musicians and Bosa Nova music, to air while he’s there. It’s enough to make you dance the samba.


Autumn in New York (9/22/12) - listen

It’s the first weekend of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. John & Jessica have returned from the countryside to the Deluxe Apartment and are now in a New York City mood, as their playlist proves.


September Birthdays (9/15/12) - listen

John has a list of favorite artists, all of whom celebrate birthdays this month. Jessica has her own list (unencombered by birth dates) and the result is another tasty John & Jessica mix.


A Quiet September Day (9/8/12) - listen

It’s a quiet September day, and John is alone with his record collection. The setting, of course, informs his music choices.


The End of Summer (9/1/12) - listen

It’s Labor Day weekend and John & Jessica and are spending the last days of summer vacation with daughter Madeleine at the Deluxe Cabin. And they create the perfect late-summer-early-fall soundtrack.


Well Rounded (8/25/12) - listen

This week’s show features Tony Bennett through the years, the Brothers Taylor (James and Livingston), some recreated Little Rascals Music, and a nice mix of other things, both old and new, to round it out.


Taking Turns (8/18/12) - listen

You know the routine: John plays a favorite record, then Jessica does the same. It’s always an interesting mix; and this week their they lean a little more toward the classic than the contemporary.


A Summer Celebration (8/11/12) - listen

John & Jessica enhance their enjoyment of summer by sharing their favorite music with us.


Arlen and Others (8/4/12) - listen

This week John & Jessica spotlight the music of composer Harold Arlen, as well as the singers who recorded with George Shearing.


Family Time (7/28/12) - listen

John & Jessica play records by fathers & daughters, mothers & sons, husbands & wives and the like. It’s multi-generational duets!


Live from Toronto (7/21/12) - listen

At the invitation of our Toronto affiliate, JazzFM91, John & Jessica performed their show before a live audience at Koerner Hall. It featured special guest Emilie-Claire Barlow and the John Pizzarelli Quartet (with Larry Fuller, Martin Pizzarelli and Tony Tedesco).


Live Summer Fest (7/14/12) - listen

John & Jessica travel across distances and time to hear some of the best musical performances ever presented on stage. Through the magic of radio, we have seats for every one of them.


Leftovers (7/7/12) - listen

Regretfully, some of John & Jessica’s brilliance needs to be edited out of programs, due to lack of time, but we save their thoughts and songs for special occasions. Like today.


Richard Rodger’s Birthday (6/30/12) - listen

In honor of composer Richard Rodgers, born June 28, 1902, John & Jessica play some of the best songs ever written.


Old and New (6/23/12) - listen

John & Jessica mix old and new music, as they do so well. Songs that were favorites then are favorites now.


Graduation Days (6/16/12) - listen

Madeleine advances to high school, and John & Jessica can’t help but show their pride.


At It Again (6/9/12) - listen

John & Jessica are on a roll, turning out another show filled with just-right music.


Double Play-Play-Play (6/2/12) - listen

A whole show dedicated to those double play-play-plays that John & Jessica love to put together!


Double Exposure (5/26/12) - listen

John and Jessica talk about and listen to John’s just-released album, “Double Exposure.”


Sexy Songs (5/19/12) - listen

John and Jessica are spending time together playing sexy songs, for some reason. They never told us why, but the results are very enjoyable.


Mid-May (5/12/12) - listen

Spring is in the air; May songs are on the hi-fi; and that’s just the beginning.


May Flowers (5/5/12) - listen

John & Jessica welcome spring with a beautiful bouquet of music.


One More Once (April 28, 2012) - listen

John & Jessica give another listen to Basie, Ella, and some of their other favorite artists.


Reunited (4/21/12) - listen

John made a quick trip to Moscow, on the heels of his European tour, but now he’s back in the comfort of the deluxe living room, with his best gal by his side. John & Jessica quickly fall back into their usual routine, playing their favorite deluxe music for all to enjoy.


April and Springtime (4/14/12) - listen

The trees are blossoming and the bees are buzzing, and John & Jessica’s fancy turns to songs of love and April and springtime.


Home from Europe (4/7/12) - listen

John has had a full itinerary lately: Paris, St. Mortiz, Zurich, Milan, Berlin, and Moscow. Now he's back, filled with stories and musical inspirations.


Before I Go (3/31/12) - listen

John finds himself packing his bags yet again, while he and Jessica contemplate his trips with travel songs and and other favorites that come to mind.


In a Spring Mood (3/24/12) - listen

John is in Manhattan in springtime. His spirits are high (a common effect of spring), and that calls for some favorite spring songs.


George Shearing Tribute (3/17/12) - listen

John Pizzarelli worked with pianist George Shearing and became good friends. John and Jessica pay tribute to Sir George, who died in 2011.


Maddie Made It! (3/10/12) - listen

John & Jessica celebrate Maddie's acceptance into the high school of her choice. And they celebrate the way they do everything: with music!


Paul McCartney Show (3/3/12) - listen

John tells tales about hangin' with McCartney, after playing with Sir Paul on his new album and live at the Grammy Awards ceremony and related events.


Oscar Day (2/25/12) - listen

John and Jessica spend Academy Awards Sunday listening – and performing – their favorite movie songs.


Remembering Mary Cleere Haran (2/18/12) - listen

John and Jessica pay tribute to New York cabaret singer Mary Cleere Haran, who died tragically in a bicycle accident in Florida. They play back portions of the second Radio Deluxe program, when Mary Cleere was a guest on the show.


Musical Valentines (2/11/12) - listen

Valentine's Day gets John in the mood to play some romantic records. Too bad Jessica couldn't be there, but she got to listen.


Home Alone Jazz (2/4/12) - listen

While Jessica is onstage rehearsing the show tunes, John is home alone playing the jazz tunes. And he finds some gems.


A Margaret Whiting Tribute (1/28/12) - listen

Singer Margaret Whiting was a good friend of John & Jessica's. In fact, it she who introduced them to each other. The fortunate couple rememer their friend Margaret, who passed away in early 2011.


Trading Sets (1/21/12) - listen

One song reminds you of another, and soon you've got a set. A Gershwin set, then a Nat Cole set, sets about Rosemary Clooney and Bob Dorough. One thing leads to another with John & Jessica.


Girl Singers (1/14/12) - listen

John and Jessica pay tribute to female vocalists (something Jess knows something about). The focus is on Joni Mitchell and later.


Listener Lists (1/7/12) - listen

John and Jessica play their favoite set lists sent in by listeners.


New Year's 2012 (12/31/11) - listen

One the eve of 2012, as the champagne chills, John and Jessica sit by the fire in the deluxe cabin and play the most romantic music they can think of.


Christmas 2011 (12/24/11) - listen

The big day has arrived. John, Jessica, Maddie, and John's sister Anne, are preparing join the rest of the family, across the river at Bucky & Ruth's. They're having some holiday treats, opening a few Christmas Eve presents, and of course listening to their favorite music of the season.


Trimming the Tree (12/17/11) - listen

John & Jessica, with some help from Maddie, are doing what they must as Christmas approaches. They're putting up the tree, unpacking the decorations, and getting ready for the big day.


Deep in December (12/10/11) - listen

It's the middle of the month and John & Jessica's apartment decor and musical choices are only beginning to reflect the oncoming Christmas holiday.


Wall Street Journaling (12/3/11) - listen

As a writer and a photographer prepare a Wall Street Journal article, John & Jessica continue doing what they do best: selecting, presenting, and shedding light on some of the best recorded music available.


Thanksgiving 2011 (11/26/11) - listen

It's Thanksgiving weekend in America, a time for good food and drink, good friends, and (as always in this household) good music. Enjoy the feast!


Howard Fishman Returns (11/19/11) - listen

Talented musician Howard Fishman returns to the deluxe living room to visit and perform live.


Maddie and Daddy (11/12/11) - listen

It's a father-daughter banquet of music and stories.


Settling In (11/05/11) - listen

John and Jessica are back home in their deluxe apartment, as they begin a month-long run at the Carlyle. Today, in the living room, they are sharing music with you and each other.


Hodgepodge (10/29/11) - listen

It's a program based partly on Jessica's iPod, which turns out to contain quite a mix of music.


Pop to Jazz (10/22/11) - listen

John and Jessica, as they often do, play records that cross the line, going from jazz and pop and back again.


Doubles and Triples (10/15/11) - listen

John and Jessica play some double play-play-plays, and they even stretch one to a triple.


Molaskey Retuns (10/8/11) - listen

Summer, with all its activities, is over and the Pizzarellis return to their usual routine high atop Lexington. That routine, of course, includes plenty of good music, which John and Jesicca share, with each other and you.


Tanglewood 2011 (10/1/11) - listen

John and Jessica perform live from Tanglewood with Freddy Cole, Ken Peplowski, and the John Pizzarelli Quartet. Also visiting their deluxe living room set are deluxe daughter Madeleine and New York television news and sports correspondent Budd Mishkin.


Early Autumn (9/24/11) - listen

The eighth grade is just getting back in session, but already it's time to think about next year. While Jessica and Maddie explore Gotham's high school options, John finds many musical opportunities to share with his listeners.


Late Summer's Day (9/17/11) - listen

John and Jessica play some cool songs for a warm day.


Radio Redux (9/10/11) - listen

John recalls highlights of past Radio Deluxe programs, featuring him and Jessica and their many guests.


Rare Gems (9/3/11) - listen

John & Jessica bring out songs you won't hear on your everyday, run-of-the-mill radio show. That's for sure.


An Actor Who Sings (8/27/11) - listen

Actor and singer Steven Pasquale pays a visit to John and Jessica's deluxe apartment. Naturally, the topic of singing actors (or acting singers, if you prefer) came up, as they also discussed people like Bobby Troup, Julie London, and Hoagy Carmichael.


Alone Atop Lexington (8/20/11) - listen

Once again John finds himself alone in the deluxe apartment. It's a good thing his favorite listeners are there to keep him company. They came for the great music he always picks out.


Solo Flight (8/13/11) - listen

Alone on a summer afternoon, John invites his favorite listeners into the deluxe living room.


Zooming Through Summer (8/6/11) - listen

Jessica is packing for their annual West Coast Tour while John entertains guests in the living room. You're among them, of course. Enjoy his musical selections.


Molaskey's Back (7/30/11) - listen

John and Jessica find themselves in the same room at the same time, in front of microphones. The results are predictable: outstanding music.


Sum-Sum-Summertime (7/23/11) - listen

It's a hot day in New York City, but John is on the job, putting his superb musical tastes to work. He begins with summer songs, and then guides us through the subjects of Johnny Mandel, Larry Goldings, and even New Year's Eve.


Theater and Film (7/16/11) - listen

Jazz musicians, Broadway cast members, and studio orchestras are all represented in this episode that features music from the theater and films. Some of the songs are from the original productions while others are latter-day interpretations, but all are very compelling.


Live Recordings (7/9/11) - listen

John and Maddie listen to some of their favorite performances, all of which were recorded in a theater, club, show room, or stadium.


Americana (7/2/11) - listen

John & Jessica celebrate the Fourth-of-July Weekend by sharing classic American songs and artists


With Johnny and Maddie (6/25/11) - listen

John IV and his sister Maddie join John III for an afternoon of deluxe listening in the deluxe living room.


Father's Day (6/18/11) - listen

John & Jessica celebrate fatherhood… and the day that's dedicated to that concept.


It's All Good (6/11/11) - listen

Frank, Count, Mel, Maggie… What's not to like on this list? Impeccible tastes, interesting stories… Let's hang out with John & Jessica.


Facebook (6/4/11) - listen

Listeners submitted music suggestions through the John Pizzarelli Facebook page. John fulfills those requests now, in his usual entertaining and knowledge way.


The Constitution (5/28/11) - listen

As the school year ends, final exams, term projects, the U.S. Constitution, and other seventh-grade concerns are on the minds of eveyone in the Pizzarelli home. And as always, above it all is the ceasless sound of deluxe music. Somehow John and Jessica handle it all, simultaneously and adroitly.


Here We Go Again (5/21/11) - listen

They're at it again. John and Jessica are doing what they do best (other than making music). They are selecting, enjoying, and presenting to us the music that can only be described as "deluxe."


Gershwin, Basie and More (5/14/11) - listen

John and Jessica's streams of conciousness meander through the areas of George and Ira Gershwin, Count Basie, and several other enjoyable places. It's a fine way to drift through a spring day.


Music with Maddie's Mom (5/7/11) - listen

On Mother's Day weekend, John joins Jessica for one of their favorite enjoyments on relaxing days: finding apropos songs from their impressive music collection.


Adrift with a Boatload of Music (4/30/11) - listen

John and Jessica spend a quiet day drifting through their music collection, with no particular destination in mind. The trip turns out to be rather sonically-scenic.


Stephen Sondheim Tribute (4/23/11) - listen

American theater composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim, who turned 81 last month, is honored by John & Jessica.


Barbara Carroll Returns (4/16/11) - listen

Pianist and singer Barbara Caroll makes a return visit to the deluxe living room, where she chats with John and Jessica about her career and her music.


List Songs (4/9/11) - listen

You've heard many of them, but you may not have known there is a classification for them. They are called list songs. John and Jessica will explain and give examples.


John Verses Jessica (4/2/11) - listen

When you hear the opening verse to a familiar standard, do you know what chorus will follow? That's the game John and Jessica are playing today.


Just a Show Before I Go (3/26/11) - listen

John' bags are packed; he's ready to go. But just before he goes off to Europe, does Mr. Pizzarelli have time to play some of his favorite rocords and engage in some delightful repartee with Ms. Molaskey? Yes, he does, which is fortunate for us all.


Spring 2011 (3/19/11) - listen

As Jessica opens a two-week run with Dave Frishberg at the Oak Room, John is in the deluxe living room, celebrating the start of spring and the 92and anniversary of his mentor, Nat King Cole.


Remembering George Shearing (3/12/11) - listen

Sir George Shearing, pianist, composer, and personal friend of John & Jessca's, passed away in New York City on February 14, 2011, at the age of 91. Today his music fills the deluxe living room, thanks to the many recordings he made during his long and shining career.


Mary Cleere Haran (3/5/11) - listen

Recording artist and popular New York cabaret entertainer Mary Cleere Haran died tragically in Florida last month, following a bicycle accident. John and Jessica pay tribute to Mary Cleere, who appeared visited the deluxe living room during the second episode of Radio Deluxe, in December 2005.


Academy Award Songs (2/26/11) - listen

It's Academy Awards time and John presents some of his favorites that won or were nominated for the Best Song Oscar.


Let's Go There Now (2/19/11) - listen

John serves as tour guide on a trip through time and space to hear Ella, Frank, Nat, Louis, Peggy, and others live from venues in New York, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Monterey, and Newport. Let's go there now!


Songs of Romance (2/12/11) - listen

Even in Jessica's absence, John is thinking about his love as he prepares for St. Valentine's Day by finding his favorite songs of romance.


Margaret Whiting Tribute (2/5/11) - listen

Singer Margaret Whiting passed away on January 10, 2011, at the age of 86. As the daughter of songwriter Richard Whiting, she grew up in Beverly Hills around many of the icons of the American Songbook, Johnny Mercer, Harry Warren, Harold Arlen, and Jerome Kern, most of whom she called "Uncle." She's was also very special to the Pizzarelli family, having introduced John to Jessica.


A Winter's Day (1/21/11) - listen

It's a quiet day in Manhattan's deluxe apartment, and John and Jessica spend it doing what they do so often: talking and listening to some of their favorite music.


Food & Fun (1/22/11) - listen

Bird songs, food, and and the new generation of artists are all under discussion, contributing to this week's fun.


Johnny Mercer (1/15/11) - listen

Mostly a lyricist, but also a composer and performer, Johnny Mercer is one of the most significant figures of the Great American Songbook. He and his music are in the spotlight in this deluxe episode.


Leonard Maltin (1/8/11) - listen

Favorite movie critic (and music lover) Leonard Maltin meets up with John and Jessica at the foot of the Hollywood Hills


New Year 2011 (1/1/11) - Listen

Snowbound at the deluxe cabin, John & Jessica and their neighbors have one of their best New Year’s Eves ever


Christmas Highlights (12/25/10) - listen

John takes time to look back at Christmases past, remembering the many visitors who dropped by the deluxe living room at Christmastime.


Michael Sigman (12/18/10) - listen

John and Jessica visit with Michael Sigman, exploring the career and music of Michael’s father, songwriter Carl Sigman.


Trimming the Tree (12/11/10) - listen

John and Maddie decorate the tree while listening to their favorite holiday music and sampling all ten Grammy-nominated albums in their two favorite categories.


Christmas Is Coming (12/4/10) - Listen

John and Jessica ease into the Christmas season with a few of the first wave holiday songs and a few other favorites.


Thanksgiving 2010 (11/27/10) - Listen

John is on his own this Thanksgiving weekend, while Jessica recuperates from hosting the in-laws.


Howard Fishman (11/20/10) - Listen

Singer-songwriter-bandleader Howard Fishman makes a return visit to the deluxe living room. He brings his guitar and he and John supplement the records with some live living-room music.


Journaling (11/13/10) - Listen

While John and Jessica record in their living room, the whole experience is recorded by a writer and a photographer for the Wall Street Journal. The result is a glowing article in the Journal about Radio Deluxe, by Ralph Gardner, Jr., and another high-quality radio episode.


Post-Season (11/7/10) - Listen

The baseball season has ended, which requires a big readjustment for John and Maddie. Life in the living room, meanwhile, goes on with the John and Jessica's usual music talk and listening.


Hodgepodge (10/30/10) - Listen

As the title of this episode implies, this is an interesting mix of music. A fancier way to put it might be "eclectic," but who needs to be fancy? John and Jessica are at home in their living room.


Pop to Jazz and Back (10/23/10) - LISTEN

John and Jessica cross the blurry line between jazz and pop music.


An October Day (10/16/10) - Listen

Mr. and Mrs. October have just completed their first week of their annual run at the Café Carlyle, and find time on their day off to enjoy some music on their home stereo.


The Day Job (10/9/10) - listen

With most people, their day job wins the bread while the night job is for fun. But with John and Jessica, their night jobs are the real jobs and their day job is having fun with you and other friends in the deluxe living room. Today, the deluxe couple spends the day listening to and talking about some of their favorite songs, singers, and composers.


Tanglewood 2010 (10/2/10) - listen

For the second year in a row, Radio Deluxe is performed before a live audience at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival in Lenox, Massachusetts. Joining John and Jessica in their onstage living room are Jane Monheit, Bucky Pizzarelli, and the John Pizzarelli Quartet.


Andrea Marcovicci (9/25//10) - LISTEN

Cabaret star, actress, and woman-about-town Adrea Marcovicci visits the deluxe living room to talk about her life, her career, and her favorite music.


New Girls on the Block (9/18/10) - LISTEN

John and Jessica focus on the women of music who are performing the standards as well as sometimes creating the songs that are becoming part of the standard repertoire.


Judy Garland Tribute (9/11/10) - LISTEN

Author and historian John Fricke visits the deluxe living room where he discusses the subject he knows best: Judy Garland.


Maureen McGovern (9/4/10) - LISTEN

Pop singer and talented interpreter of the American Songbook Maureen McGovern discusses her career with John and Jessica.


Keith Lockhart (8/28/10) - LISTEN

John talks with the conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra, about baseball, Boston, and music.


Combinations (8/21/10) - listen

John and Jessica compare and contrast favorite recordings by putting them together in various and interesting combinations.


Bob Elliott (8/14/10) - listen

Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding became the popular radio comedy team known as Bob and Ray in the 1940's. Longtime Bob and Ray fan John Pizzarelli finally gets to meet his lifelong hero when Bob visits the deluxe living room. John and Jessica discuss with Bob his career and family, including his son Chris Elliott and grandaughter Abby Elliott.


Curtis Stigers (8/7/10) - listen

Singer Curtis Stigers pays a return visit to the deluxe living room.


Movies and Theater (7/31/10) - listen

Stage and screen meet as Jessica plays modern versions of favorite theater songs while John plays some of his favorite movie songs.


Kenny Rankin (7/24/10) - listen

John and Jessica replay one of their most-requested interviews, recorded with Kenny Rankin in 2006.


Richard Cheese (7/17/10) - listen

Dick and his piano player, Bobby Ricotta, visit the deluxe living room to "loungify" familiar pop songs.


Steven Pasquale (7/10/10) - listen

Actor and singer Steven Pasquale pays a visit to the deluxe living room.


Americana (7/3/10) - listen

John and Jessica celebrate Independence Day with songs and artists that are quintessentially American.


Bucky's Day (6/19/10) - listen

It's generally known as Father's Day, but around the deluxe apartment this weekend it's Bucky's Day. Bucky Pizzarelli visits his son and daughter-in-law, and the stories about guitar playing and guitar players are plentiful.


Alone Atop Lexington (6/12/10) - listen

While Jessica continues appearing in a musical out of town, John plays host to you, serving up some of his favorite records. He plays "Doozy" and "Dizzy," big bands, two from the Crecendo, and pays tribute to two Dons: Grolnick and Gardner.


Flying Solo (6/5/10) - listen

Jessica is out of town, Madeline is not home, but the show goes on. John does what he does so well: plays and talks about his favorite music. This week the music includes a special tribute to the late pianist Hank Jones.


Live Recordings (5/29/10) - listen

John and Maddie listen to favorite records recorded before live audiences)


Johnny & Maddie (5/22/10) - listen

Johnny and Maddie Pizzarelli join Dad in the deluxe dining room.


Connections (5/15/10) - listen

John and Jessica play favorite songs that are connected in some way.


Luciana Souza (5/8/10) - listen

Brazilian singer Luciana Souza visits the deluxe living room.


SINATRA IN HOLLYWOOD(Weekend of 5/1/10) - listen


Howard Fishman (4/24/10) - listen

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